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Split fencing can be used in either rural or urban areas for a variety of reasons. It differs from other fencing types in its simplicity and diversity of use. This type of wood fencing is made without the use of any hardware. This makes it an ideal choice for some homeowners in particular.

• Rough Terrain—Wood and aluminum fences are constructed by inserting multiple posts into the ground. Those homes that are situated on hard soil or where there is a lot of rock can benefit from the easy construction of a split fence.. It is also good for those who need the option to take down and move parts of the fence easily for seasonal needs.

• Low Budget—Due to their simple design with minimal materials, a split fence is one of the most affordable options to home owners. This offers those who want to improve their curb appeal of their home a tool for adding a fence that doesn’t cost a great deal. This type of fencing is often considered highly decorative and may be used to enhance landscaping when security or privacy is not an issue.

Split fencing is available in a variety of wood species to coordinate with different styles of homes. They also add rustic appeal and are among the earliest designs of fences used in the United States. There are also a variety of ways that it can be built to make each split fence somewhat unique.

Let Quality Fence Inc help you choose the ideal fence design for your Jackson Springs, NC. They offer a variety of options and the experience to create a custom fence that you will love!

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